I have a favorite kind of Rochester day. Do you?

My favorite kind of Rochester days are the ones where you walk forever. The ones where you do ALL the things (I’m serious. All of them). The days where you don’t have to decide which activities you want to do because you just go ahead and do every single one of them. Lucky for me, there are several of those days that come to mind. I’m so glad to live in a city where I can live my favorite kind of day on a regular basis.

Thanks, Allie Brosh, for this depiction of my MO.

A recent version of my Favorite Rochester Day was last month. There were multiple cool events going on, and we were stoked! The cool events were all over town, and it was sunny, so we were able to walk. That’s one thing I love about Rochester- the walkability. We walked from Park Ave to City Hall, located downtown on Church Street, to attend Celebrate City Living. Celebrate City Living had loads of free food to offer, including quesadillas, wings, mac and cheese, pulled pork, and hot tea (naturally!). This event brought together people young and old, from all walks of life, and from all parts of the city. People enjoyed food, learned about different neighboorhoods, and met folks from different businesses in a beautiful space. It was a wonderful event!

FullSizeRender (24)
Are you aware of how gorgeous City Hall is? The architecture is perfect.

From there, we walked over to Central Library on South Ave. We checked out the Edible Books Festival, where local bakers had whipped up their very own book-themed cakes. Lots of little kids made their own cakes, and it was so cool to see their creativity at work! We got a free cup of worms & dirt there, and headed on to our next event, stopping along the way to check out a WALL\THERAPY piece by Never Crew near Geva Theatre. I love that you can find art like this all over the city. Sometimes it feels like you don’t even have to try – you just stumble into unique, provocative, gorgeous art everywhere you go. I love that. What’s also cool about art in Rochester is the community that exists on social media. Tons of Instagram users are sharing local art and sparking others’ interest in it, creating an endless chain of people going out to explore the city and see art in places they may not otherwise go.

We walked all the way from Central Library to National Record Store Day at Record Archive, just past East Ave Wegmans. Record Store Day was a bit of a zoo- but much quieter since the morning rush had died down! It’s pretty awesome to see what a thriving scene of music buffs and vinyl-loving hipsters Roc has.

After purchasing several records and taking a brief rest at our apartment, we hoofed it downtown once more to visit the former Chase Tower (now the Metropolitan) for an event run by U of R students, ArtAwake. The neat thing about this event is that even though it’s put on by U of R kids, it’s meant for the whole community, so it draws lots of people to enjoy great views, cool art, food from local vendors, and live music!

The end result of this whopper of a Rochester Day left my FitBit stats looking like this:

True life.

And you thought Rochester didn’t have much to do, huh?!

Another memorable Favorite Roc Day was 10.10.15. Some of you Rochesterians might recognize that date simply because there was a giant mural downtown with that date on it. Because really, who’s heard of Anthology? Always new places to check out.

Photo borrowed from Joywave’s FB page.

Did we go to the Joywave concert? Of course- and more!

We headed out early that morning to Chimney Bluffs State Park for some hiking with friends. The weather was cool but gorgeous, with blue skies as far as the eye could see! Rochester certainly has plenty of parks, but I love the proximity of lakes to the city. There are plenty of lakes (a Great Lake and numerous Finger Lakes) within very short drives of the city. It’s great to be able to access such natural beauty with only a short car ride!

Once we returned to the Roc, rather than rest, we headed out to check out some WALL\THERAPY murals.

FullSizeRender (27)

If you’re looking at WALL\THERAPY and wandering around Atlantic Ave, then you’ve gotta stop by Lost Borough for a flight of beer! I love seeing all the new local breweries that are springing up. It makes it easy to access locally brewed craft beer, which is pretty darn cool for a city of Rochester’s size.

After all that fun during the day, we had a quick dinner and enjoyed drinks on the porch before strolling over to Anthology to see Joywave. So many openers! So much music! SUCH DANCING! Joywave didn’t finish til after midnight, and it was a glorious set. You’ve never seen a show until you’ve seen a show where the crowd chants, “KODAK! KODAK! KODAK!” after throwing an old film camera onstage to a band full of kids who grew up in the shadow of Kodak. Now that’s some serious local love!

That fine Saturday looked like this according to my FitBit:

A record-setting day!

These are my favorite kind of Rochester days. I rarely have a problem of finding something to do in Roc. More often than not, I’m struggling to pare down my list of cool things that I want to check out. Whether it’s walking at Cobbs Hill or seeing a concert, getting coffee or finding new murals, my weekends are always full of Rochester fun! If you ever thought Rochester was boring, consider this: two of our bars just made the best bars in America list from Esquire! Only 18 bars were featured, and 2 of them were ours! Damn, that’s cool. We have art, music, museums, great food, amazing coffee, fantastic people, tons of Rochester pride, and it feels like home- what more can you want?


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