Please forgive my hiatus, folks! Not only did I become a first-time homeowner in the fall, but I also started a new job in November, and then the holidays came along. Needless to say, things have been busy! But here I am, eager and excited to tell you all about my new neighborhood.

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’ll know that I formerly lived in the well-loved Park Ave neighborhood of Rochester. Parting with my apartment of three years was tinged with nostalgia, but honestly, no regrets. My new ‘hood is awesome.

After seeing many many houses, we ultimately chose to buy in the North Winton Village. This neighborhood is considered relatively up-and-coming, with the real estate market starting to pick up considerably each spring. House hunting was a stressful but fascinating process- our realtor, Sue Ververs, was a delight to work with and kept our spirits up during our lengthy search!

One of the things I’ve really been enjoying about the North Winton Village is the abundance of small businesses, with more popping up all the time. I’ll highlight a few of my new favorites here.

The Green House Cafe is a wonderful place with a great mission. It’s a coffee shop…in a green house…that provides employment for women recovering from addiction. That’s three great things in one! The food is pretty tasty too- the panini I had there recently was awesome.

We also recently discovered Tryon City Tavern. It had been on our list to try, and we’d heard good things, and I’m so glad we made it there! While the ambiance is lacking, the food is pretty incredible (and affordable). We had some seriously outstanding burgers and delicious apps last time we were there.


Another favorite is the Ginger Lion. You may have heard of this joint- they got a fair amount of buzz when they opened in 2016. The ginger-haired owner makes all his own ice cream, and it is damn good. I even indulged in a sundae last time is there and it was worth every yummy calorie. I’m sure we’ll visit more in the summer once it’s a more weather-appropriate treat. For now, I’ll stick with the leftover Christmas cookies.

Celebrating our first night as NWV residents!

And of course, the consistently tasty BBQ joint Sticky Lips is right up the road from us. It should be interesting to see what’s added to the micro-mall (though I’m not a fan of the new Burger King on Humboldt, tbh).

ARTISANworks is another local gem. It’s walking distance from our house, and full of tons of eclectic art! Even the ceilings are covered. It’s definitely a sensory overload when you visit, but that can be a good thing- it necessitates future visits to immerse yourself in the art!

Also, the Winton Library is like a 3 minute walk from our house, so it’s been pretty great to become a library patron again! Other perks of the neighborhood? It’s quiet, the neighbors are friendly, and the street parking is less chaotic than in other areas of the city.

Plus, it’s still super close to downtown and walkable to many local establishments- we’ve walked to Maker’s Studio and the Rochester Brainery without any trouble- it barely takes 20 minutes. We absolutely love where we ended up. If you’re thinking about buying a home in #ROC someday, I’d highly recommend the North Winton Village!


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