I started a new job back in November (hence the blogging hiatus for a few months) and one of the many perks of said new job is the opportunity to work downtown for a few days each week. Having worked on a college campus for four years while also working on a passion project about the city of Rochester, I longed to spend more time in the downtown area and less on an island of a campus. That’s why I’m overjoyed that I now get to spend significantly more time in downtown #ROC!

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.58.08 PM
The view from my office window during the golden hour.

My office is located in the historic Sibley Building, which used to be a department store in the heart of downtown. It has recently rebranded as Sibley Square and is going through some serious changes. Currently, the only tenants are a store called Rainbow, the Damon campus of Monroe Community College, and the nonprofit I work at, but the developer is working on bringing numerous new tenants on board. I’m excited to be there as the place evolves!

So what’s so cool about working downtown? For one thing, the food! When I worked on a college campus, you could eat at one of the dining halls pretty easily, and the food was pretty respectable. However, if you wanted to go off campus for a bite to eat, it was a long haul. You had to schlep to your car (usually parked about 15 minutes from your office building), drive somewhere (about 10-15 minutes away), eat super quickly, drive back, park, and hike in again. It was a pain in the butt. Now, I can walk to tons of awesome eateries! It’s so exciting.

I’m always a big fan of delicious and diverse food, but I’m perhaps an even bigger fan of excellent coffee. And working in the Sibley Building means Fuego Coffee is only a short walk away, just across Parcel 5! If you’ve never been, you should get your booty to Fuego ASAP.

Okay, so there’s coffee and food, but what ELSE is great about working downtown? Walkability is a big factor too. I can leave my car in a parking garage all day and still get around easily. I even learned about a system of tunnels connecting various buildings downtown thanks to my Twitter buddy, @MimZWay! As a kid growing up in the suburbs, I never spent much time downtown. It’s been fun getting to know the area more as a result of working right in Center City.

Last but not least, I’m lucky that in my job, I have the opportunity to get some sneak peeks at historic parts of Sibley. It’s so cool to see glimpses of a bygone era, and to have a hand in shaping what the future of downtown ROC will look like.

If you ever have a chance to take a job in downtown ROC, I’d highly recommend it! A nice walk or some good food nearby is a great way to maintain your work-life balance. Plus you really feel like you’re a part of things when you’re right in the heart of the downtown area. It’s pretty darn cool!


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